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Meet the most handsome and famous men who used bichectomy

31 Marzo 2019
Bichectomy in famous men of the show business


Famous men who changed their faces with bichectomia


Bichectomy is one of the most requested surgeries among celebritiesof the whole planet, which seeks to tune the cheeks and accentuate the movements of people. This fashion includesfamous men who got bichatoplastyand for which today they are more recognized in Hollywood and in the world of spectacle.

We will begin by describing to you of what? is this aesthetic treatment that has caused sensations in the jet set of celebrities. As you know, Bichat balls or Bichat bags are known to those fat cells located on the cheeks, which shape and support our face.

Thesize of bichat bagsvar? on each face, and on them depends the long or round appearance of each person, as well as as its undefined boxes. That is why the procedure called bichectomy allows you to remove the volume of these bags and achieve an elongated face, thinner and thinner.


 & iquest; In what? is a bichectomy?

In general terms, bichectomy is a surgical intervention that involves the removal of bichat bags, that is, those fat deposits lodged inside our cheeks. & Nbsp; It is performed by local or general anesthesia, through a small incision, usually made through the inside of the oral cavity, so that no visible scar remains. & Nbsp;

& nbsp; This surgery is recommended and is usually applied to people with rounded or oval faces, so many actresses andmenscelebrities have undergone bichectomiesduring the last ten years.


 Bichectomía hombres famosos


Do you have a round face and would you like to improve your appearance?



Bichectomy in men

Many people consider that only women use the treatments of esthetic medicine to look better. It is true, but also that there are many men who care to look more and more rejuvenated and with a fantastic look.

First, let us consider that men also have the right to take care of their dress, appearance and face. Everything will depend & aacute; of each one's taste. & nbsp; It is because of thatMany men have resorted to bichectomicsto correct some aspects of their faces. & nbsp; With this, some taboos have been demystified, which were endorsed to the masculine gender with the evolution of the yearnings. Here, we tell you some of them:

  • & nbsp; Men are afraid of cosmetic surgeries.
  • Bichectomy in men makes the face look and makes it much more sensitive
  • It will produce & aacute; acne in the future.
  • The price of bichectomy is higher for men
  • The nerves of the face can be affected, and these can alter the male hormones of man.


As you read, the myths and tabs are diverse and unbelievable. It has been shown that all lack validity and only represent meaningless premises that are trumpeted in the spiral of rumor. The important thing is that none of them has been scientifically proven and much less, that of the face.



& iquest; When is it recommended to undergo a bichectomy?

As a static procedure, the bichectomy is Indicated for thin people, of any gender, who have a rounded and undefined appearance of the face, without this being due to possible obesity or overweight.

This is a minor surgery, which involves simple cuts on the inside of the cheeks, through which the bichat balls are extra. Generally, it is not a complicated intervention, it lasts a short time, approximately 40 minutes, and does not need great later care. & nbsp; Nonetheless, ac & aacute; we will give you someindications specifically for men who wish to practice a bichatoplasty.


& iquest; Men who can get a bichectomy?

  • Men who tend to have their face too round and have a defined body, feel a great better or change appearance with the bichectomia.
  • & nbsp; Because the cheek traits will be reduced, aspects such as the forehead or the mandible will gain a more specific weight in man.
  • & nbsp; Man since he does not wear makeup, he will have probably a better result with the bichectomia. Its skin takes, in general, much more in aging.
  • Those men who are not satisfied with their face, regardless of the weight that can be applied bichectomia.
  • & nbsp; There is virtually no contraindication to this operation. In addition, man does not need that fat on his face for absolutely nothing. & Nbsp;


The results are immediate, generally lasting (if there are no dramatic changes in the peso) and imply a minimal investment. Precisely, it is because of its effectiveness that theBichectomy has been widely used by famous men of the world,achieving some transformations in their faces that have surprised all their admirers in the whole world. In most cases, thecelebrities used bichatoplasty to stop being cachetones.Here is this some of them and the results obtained.


Do you need more advice about bichectomics?



 Celebrities who have used bichectomics


La Transformation & Tom Cruise

One of the celebrities who did not want to depend on makeup to look perfect was the famous ex-husband of Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise. The Hollywood Galry is summing up to the celebrities who took out their bags of bichat to show a more defined and longer face. As you notice in the graphic before and after, it is undeniable that he looks more handsome and sexy with his chin much more outlined and defined. True?


 Bichectomía hombres famosos Tom Cruise


 Ricky Martin before and after

Ricky is a hero of all generations. But not always luci & oacute; as it does today. I note that it is not a technique that only affects women, but in men it also causes a favorable result. & Nbsp; Artists like the Puerto Rican, Ricky Martin, opted for this surgery because in addition to thinning the face to make it more stylized, it keeps the defined aspect as time goes by, always looking young despite the passing of years. ;you.

Bichectomía hombres famosos Ricky Martin 


Sylvester Stallone before and after

It is common that celebrities are involved in the world of plastic surgery and facial rejuvenation, because their profession needs to look great. This is the case of the well-known actor Sylvestre Stallone, one of the most obvious cases in the use of bichectomies. As they observe in their photographs, in the first note their rounded aspect of youth, and after surgery a much more defined mandible.

 Bichectomía en hombres famosos Silvester Stallone


The mystery of Jude Law

The charm of the handsome English actor Jude Law has no doubt. However, what s & iacute; It is a mystery to Law's admirers is how many surgical interventions has been done to conquer that original look. Many believe that it takes more than 10 aesthetic interventions, including bichectomy. & iquest; And t & uq; what? do you think?

 Bichectomía hombres famosos Jude Law


Brad Pitt and his bichectomy

Brad Pitt, known for his beautiful face and for his former partner, Angelina Jolie, made all the consultations with the plastic surgeon when his wife did and finally decided practice also a bichectomia. Pitt is another clear example of how the bichectom can perform and define the mandible, leaving a very masculine appearance.

 Bichectomía hombres famosos Brad Pitt


Vicente and Alejandro Fern & ndez

Among the many other artists have decided to opt for a bichectomia, to reduce their cheeks and lengthen their rounded face, are the Mexican gallants, Vicente and Alejandro Fernandez. & Nbsp; Father and son were fantastic and the results have been very masculine and aesthetic thanks to the bichatoplasty; managing to pull sighs among his admirers. Did you know that their faces had been corrected with this surgery?

 Bichectomía hombres famosos Alejandro Fernández


Enrique Iglesias

The Spanish GalEnrique Iglesias is also among the celebrities who used bichectomiato define much more their faces, and achieve an almost perfect physiognomy. Note in the graphic how his pons are noticed more prominently, while his face looks much more defined.

 Bichectomía hombres famosos Enrique Iglesias


Some disadvantages of bichectomy in men

Although bichectomy is a surgical procedure of aesthetic medicine widely used by women and men, there are some points that you should review before doing this type of operation, including asking your doctors and doctors for recommendations. Do not stay with any doubt about its benefits and disadvantages.

& nbsp; Here We mentioned some aspects that you should consider.

  • & nbsp; Those who resort to this operation should try to have a good physical state, so as not to make the body look disproportionate.
  • & nbsp; A man who applies the bichectomy should be in constant care of your skin for several months, and in that, sometimes men are a little careless
  • & nbsp; Those who are not careful during the recovery phase may have infections or complications.
  • & nbsp; There are not very complicated considerations, but it is necessary to clear up the doubts when it comes to taking care of your image and to maintain an adequate treatment so as not to have problems in the future.



Make a bichectom with the best. Come on, cunts!