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Recommendations of bichectomy specialists according to your age

15 Marzo 2019
Recommendations of bichectomy specialists according to your age.



What is the best age to get a bichectomy?


Plastic surgeries are designed to improve our physical appearance, both in men and women. The aesthetic, as a branch of medicine, has no limitations, which includes grooming from the tips to the tips of the toes. Therefore, the restrictions regarding age are not very severe.

We all want to look beautiful faces and slender bodies, and while advanced age, as aesthetic retouching are becoming more and more necessary. However, when it comes toextract the bichat bags,some doctors warn aboutthe best age for a bichectomist.

In this sense, we will begin by informing you of what? This esthetic treatment is used, worldwide used to refine the features of your face and make you look much more beautiful.

 La mejor edad para hacerse una bichectomía



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& iquest; Why? make us a bichectom?


First of all, we'll start by letting you know thatbichectomíais one of the advances in cosmetic plastic surgery that helps us to correct those facial features that do not meet the beauty standards of today's world, which dictates that beautiful faces are necessarily stylized and with ; prominent mules.

TheBichectomy is a minimally invasive technique, thanks to which the bags (or balls) Bichat are extracted, that is to say, those fat cells that are stored in the cheeks. For this, the doctor usually makes two incisions of one or two centimeters inside the mouth, one on each side on the inside of the cheeks, at the level of the molars, to extract that adipose tissue.

Bichat bags are extracted foroutline the facial value permanently,since they do not usually reproduce, unless the person gains too much weight. Because it is a minor surgery, it takes less than an hour and is performed under local anesthesia.

It is worth noting thatthe effect of extracting this fat from your cheeksIt is appreciated immediately, highlighting the pads and defining the face, only that, because of the natural inflammation in the area, we will not see the final result until after a few days.

Onceyou have made the decision to become a bichectomist, it is essential that you contact the best professionals in the area to avoid unnecessary risks and complications. The bichectomy is a surgery that must be performed by specialists, certified centers, endorsed and with proven experience. & nbsp;

The surgical technique and the implements to be used do not change at any time, so the surgical procedure is the same for both 20-year-old patients and 40-year-old patients. However, what if they vary according to age are the aftercare and previous to the surgery. Ac & aacute; we tell youwhat is the best age to do a bichectomy?

 La mejor edad para hacerse una bichectomía



What is the best age to get a bichectomy?


When it comes tothe best age to become a bichectomist, follow the medical indications is essential. We all know that the more longevity we are prone to suffer from diseases, and these can in some cases lead to contraindications to surgery.

In the case of bichectomy, because it is a low-risk surgery, it is suitable for any age. However, depending on the characteristics of each patient may require special care.

As it is obvious, from the 21 years and until the 40, the conditions of health of a normal person are usually excellent for a surgical intervention. However, many people over 40 years of age may require a bichectomy, and ac? we tell you your options & nbsp;

In any case, each patient is evaluated in a particular way, in which the treating physician will evaluate. your conditions and clarify for all your doubts. All patients and as in all surgeries, the specialist will indicate & aacute; a thorough preoperative evaluation; and on the basis of these results will take & aacute; the necessary measures of protection and care that each one requires.


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Bichectomy after the 40 year anniversary


As we have said, the older the care and evaluations prior to any surgery are fundamental and must be very complete. In this sense, we will tell you what aspects to take into account when doinga bichectomy after the 40 year olds, as well We will try to summarize the most important ones.

  • & nbsp; Prior to surgery, it will be necessary. an exhaustive preoperative control.
  • If you take aspirin you have to suspend it and if you have dental problems you have to correct them beforehand.
  • If you suffer from some type of paralysis or are cardiac, you are probably surgery contraindicated.
  • During the surgery, there could be a greater risk of bleeding, therefore, the doctor should have Be careful with your levels of blood clotting and chemistry.
  • After the surgery, some later corrections of the face may be necessary. Depending on the age, the skin may be looser and when removing the Bichat balls it may not retract as expected.
  • You will need antibiotic prophylaxis.
  • Depending on the age and the pathologies, the wound may take longer to heal, therefore, the postoperative period is usually a little longer.

 mejor edad para hacerte una bichectomía


Bichectomy after the age of 50


Many specialists recommend practicing bichectomy when the person has more than 25 years. The reason for this is that at 25 years the face is already finished. to grow and develop, so undergoing this surgical treatment will not cause any radical change regardless of age.

On the other hand, when you want to make abichectomy after the 50th year, physicians should make in-depth assessments of patient conditions, their physiognomy during pre-aging and the elasticity of their skin. & nbsp; While it is true that some can be applied to surgery, in many cases, physicians recommend opting for other surgical treatments available in the field of aesthetics. Here, we explain the possible causes and options if you wantextract the bichat bags at an advanced age. & nbsp;

First of all, in addition to the risks involved in surgical intervention, due to the natural action of the aging of the person, the face usually has sunken cheeks after 50 years, so the appearance stylized can be short-lived or it may not be the desired look you are looking for. & nbsp; & nbsp; At the same time, in some cases, it is usually necessary to later refresh the skin of the cheeks to alleviate flaccidity. For all this we recommend you to have forecasts and take into account if you are the ideal candidate for a bichectomia.

As noted above, any surgical procedure carries risks, therefore, if you find medical or clinical procedures that guarantee "zero" to you. risks or that offer offers or prices suspiciously low, do not trust, and opt for certified doctors or clinics.

Finally, for those who ask if age is a contraindication for bichectomy, we confirm that it is not.The age does not correspond any contraindication for the bichectomia. However, what could generate contraindications and more exhaustive care are the underlying diseases that the patient presents when the surgery is performed. & Nbsp; In this sense, the doctors and specialists reiterate that every healthy person can be subjected to a bichectomy. For the most long-lived cases, however, vigilance must be maximized in the preoperative, surgical and postoperative phases, to guarantee all the care required for being patients of greater risk.

 bichectomía luego de los 50 años

Bichectomy by gender


Thebichectomy in womenIt is the most common that we are going to achieve in the current aesthetic market. Women simply live much more than their image, especially when it comes to a model, actress or any other art related to the world of spectacle. & Nbsp; This operation is already quite common at present and although it represents some risks for patients with advanced age, it is already considered as a common operation within the female gender.

In the case ofbichectomy in men, we live in a modern society, with a new generation of men "metrosexual", that is to say more interested in their appearance, now it has been discovered that with it not only can a person be shown more healthy and healthy , but also a potential business through the image. & nbsp; That is why, currently, men who resort to this type of operation do so to reduce some features too strong or marked on his face. As we all know, without the bichat balls, your face will shine. much more profiled.

Although it is not as common to hear a man perform this type of operation, the truth is that if it is done and theBichectomy has the same effects in both women and men;therefore, there are thousands of attractive faces of both genders that today enjoy a slender face thanks to the success of their bichectomists.

Anímate to go with the specialists to make a free diagnosis. & nbsp; & iexcl; Contact our team!

  bichectomía en hombres



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